CBN To Campaign For Mahakutami In Telangana


The A.P chief minister and the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is likely to show up for the campaign in some parts of Telangana.As we all know, the TDP has joined hands with its rivalry party Congress only to dethrone KCR and his government from power.The so-called formed grand alliance Mahakutami is trying its level best to put a check to the ruling party TRS. As per the latest reports, Chandrababu Naidu is going to participate in a roadshow in almost 18 constituencies.

cbn to campaign for mahakutami in telangana

He will also be sharing the dias with Rahul Gandhi in some of the roadshows as per the latest reports we have.The date has not been locked as Rahul Gandhi is yet to complete his electioneering in Madhya Pradesh. CBN is leaving no stones unturned to teach a befitting lesson to TRS in Telangana and BJP in the center. CBN’s participation in roadshows would definitely give a big boost to its cadre in Telangana and as well as the grand alliance Mahakutami.


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