Shivaji Seeks Protection From The AP Government


Actor turned Political activist Shivaji has written a letter to the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu requesting a special protection for him and his family. More details about this letter as follows. Post the viral release of his Operation Garuda video, Shivaji became quite popular. Some stunned to know this concept whereas some ridiculed his baseless story.The moment the whole Telugu region witnessed the attack on the Opposition leader Jagan, Shivaji came again into the limelight and is participating in daily debates.

ysrcp leaders and supporters

However, he has been speculated to be receiving many life-threatening calls from the YSRCP leaders and supporters. The threats became so intense such that his family sensed the danger and asked this activist to seek the help of AP Government.In his long letter to Shivaji, he asked the CBN to provide him tight security as his life is believed to be in danger. He will be returning India on 21st November from the US and declared that he will not participate in any Media debates. He declared that he neither belongs to TDP nor YSRCP but a neutral who is fighting for the AP Special Status. He concluded his letter by declaring that he might not see Special Status as long as he is alive.


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