CBN Finds Faults With PK’s Criticism On TDP Government


The TDP National Chief in his recent speech has responded on the continuous severe attack of Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan on the Yellow camp. This time, CBN came up with some logic to counter Pawan Kalyan’s comments.Addressing the gathering, CBN told that he is quite shocked with Pawan Kalyan’s mudslinging programme on the AP ruling party. He pointed out at Janasenani’s Fact Finding Committee which declared that Centre should release as much as 75,000 crores of rupees for the bifurcated state of Andhra but even after four-plus years, this fund was still not granted.

cbn finds faults with pk’s criticism on tdp government

CBN reminded the fact that despite Centre’s support, his Government developed the State in 4.5 years. Crossing every hurdle laid by the NDA Sarkar, CBN expressed his achievement in shifting the governmental institutions to the Amaravati from Hyderabad within no time. Even for the natural disaster like Titli, CBN claimed that his Government worked hard and set everything normal within a week’s time.According to CBN, Pawan Kalyan is criticizing the TDP to showcase his devotion for BJP. CBN’s latest speech has gained some buzz among the TDP circles. It is high time for Pawan to stop his harsh comments on his rivals and start working on his party agendas.


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