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HomelatestNTR Jr Reluctant To Help His Own Family In Politics

NTR Jr Reluctant To Help His Own Family In Politics

Post the demise of Nandamuri Hari Krishna, the TDP Chief CBN and his brother in law Balayya came to the rescue of the demised family to extend their support emotionally. The patch up went to a healthy relationship such that CBN offered an MLA seat to the Hari Krishna’s daughter Suhasini. Despite all these developments, Taarak is still hesitating to be a part of TDP for some reasons better known to him.NTR Jr who is a hardcore devotee of his grandfather late NTR campaigned heavily for the TDP in 2009 elections. Since then, he was not seen anywhere and slowly there existed a gap between him and CBN.

Now that everything is good between them, Taarak is expected to be helping TDP at the time of elections. When the CBN asked the prior to campaign for his sister Suhasini in Kukatpally segment, NTR Jr is rumoured to have said a big no but conveyed his vote of thanks to the TDP head for the huge support he is offering to his family. So it is very much clear that Suhasini’s elder brother Kalyan Ram will be campaigning in the Kukatpally region as Mahakutami’s candidate. Also, NTR Jr is reluctant in becoming the star campaigner of TDP in the upcoming 2019 general elections of Andhra Pradesh. He is only interested in acting career and is busy with the prestigious project of #RRR under the direction of visionary maker Rajamouli.

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