Thursday, January 20, 2022
HomelatestBJP Eager To Attract Mahakutami Rebels To Fill Seats

BJP Eager To Attract Mahakutami Rebels To Fill Seats

The Saffron party BJP is said to be in dire State in the Telangana with no big leaders making an impact on the snap polls. A recent update from the sources close to the BJP party in the T-State, the party is in need of candidates. Before the dissolution of Telangana Assembly, the BJP bigwigs thought that it can get a hold on Telangana by having an alliance with the TRS party. Having no trust on KCR and the latter’s clever tactics, BJP decided to go all by itself against the ruling party and Mahakutam.

swami paripoornananda

After inviting Swami Paripoornananda into the party, the BJP National Chief Amit Shah declared that the party will field 119 candidates for all the constituencies.Cut to the present, there are hardly any leaders at least to fill up the seats. Until now, the state leaders ofBJP filled a good 50 seats and they are now targeting more leaders from the TRS and Mahakutami. Already some leaders of TDP, Congress, and TJS are rebelling out of the alliance for missing the seats. So Amit Shah along with Bandaru Dattatreya and Hari Kishan are holding talks with these rebel leaders to offer them a party ticket to increase the vote bank.

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