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CBN’s Going Too Personal With His Rival Jagan

The AP Chief Minister CBN is going all aggressive on his Political enemy YS Jagan. However, these days, this most experienced Politician of AP is making some personal remarks on the Opposition Chief.

CBN is one of the few leaders who won’t use filthy language like any other Politicians. Whenever he tries to target his foes, CBN rather concentrate on their own deeds than attacking them and abusing them verbally. But the ongoing issues associated with the TDP Chief from the Centre and neighbourhood CM KCR made the AP CM lose his cool. Knowing the secret pacts among YSRCP, TRS and BJP; Babu breathed fire on YS Jagan. In his recent Press meet, CBN stated that the Opposition leader is fit for nothing except a couple of Illegal assets cases. Declaring the latter as a puppet in the hands of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and TRS Chief KCR, Babu asked Jagan to be at the feet of those two forever in order to bail out from the cases of Enforcement Department

One has to wait and see how Jagan would respond to CBN’s allegations. Despite all these scathing comments, the YSRCP Chief chose to stay silent and indulged himself in finalizing candidates for the upcoming Assembly elections.

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