Mohan Babu Quashes Rumours On Janasena


The Collection King Mohan Babu is speculated to be starting his second innings in AP Politics. However, his close aides have responded on all these rumours for once and ever.

It is a known thing that Mohan Babu distanced himself from TDP right from the moment NTR Sr passed away. Later his elder son got married to the relatives of late YSR and since then, he is supporting YSRCP every now and then. During the elections of 2014, his followers asked him to re-enter Politics but he chose to stay away. But this time, Mohan Babu showcased interest in joining Politics and went straight to the YSRCP head Jagan. The dialogue King is rumoured to be asked for Tirupati ticket but Jagan is reluctant as the Lord Venkateswara’s home is already allocated to Bhuma family member. Irked Mohan Babu then held talks with the main heads of Janasena according to a media source. Now none other than the ardent followers of Mohan Babu came to bat for their boss and declared that this news is merely a rumour.

For those who are waiting to see the re-entry of Mohan Babu into Politics, they need to wait some more time as this owner of many educational institutions in Tirupati is busy with other works.


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