Chandanagar: Man arrested for strangling her cousin

Chandanagar: Man arrested for strangling her cousin
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Hyderabad: Swetha Laxmi (42), a Chanda Nagar resident, staying away from her husband. Her cousin Ramana Rao(36) a lorry driver left his wife and single.
Ramana Rao visits Shwetha’s house frequently and is concerning her. They consume alcohol regularly and live a pleasurable life. Ramana allegedly took money and gold from Shwetha.
Shwetha Laxmi outraged on Ramana on August 4 and disputed. Ramana hit her against the wall she fainted. Later he strangles Shwetha and portrays it as suicide.
Police filed a case of a suspicious death on a complaint of Shwetha’s cousin.                Police arrested Ramana after examining postmortem reports. Police recovered gold ornaments and three mobile phones from the accused.


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