TDP Scratching Heads To Counter KCR:

Chandrababu Counter To KCR For Vote Scam Case

Chandrababu Counter To KCR For Vote Scam Case

Posted May 9, 2018, 4:59 pm at 16:59

To everyone’s surprise, the sensational Note for Vote scam case has been floated up after a lot of time. In order to counter TRS Government, the TDP Chief and his cadre are busy writing strategies to counter KCR.The CM of Telangana KCR is showing special interest in the famous Note for Vote scam conducted by the TDP batch via Revanth Reddy. The tapes got leaked and all expected the arrest of TDP head CBN who’s voice is clearly found. After all these days, KCR held a special meeting the CBI for two long hours and noted several developments in this case.

According to the Yellow camp, KCR is expected to irk Babu in a complex situation in order to use him and his MPs in KCR’s National politics. If Babu fails to support KCR, then the latter can play with CBN like a puppet with this case. So all the big leaders and political strategists shifted their focus from Jagan and Pawan Kalyan to KCR. The state is burning with many problems and the entire State need Special Status at any cost. Despite trying for it, the TDP members are busy finding a perfect defence system against the KCR and his government.

Some are busy arguing about their head in live TV debates leaving their duties in their constituencies. Watching the behavior of these leaders, one gets a feeling that if at all they fight for Special Status in this way they are supporting their Supreme, we could have achieved the Status by now. However, KCR is still silent and deeply observing the case details to throw the bomb at the right time. Some senior Political analysts declare that this Vote for Note case will not trouble Babu as he got his own loopholes in the Law.

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