There Won’t Be Any Earlier Flight: Declares CBN

Chandrababu Naidu Meeting In Guntur

The TDP National Head Chandrababu Naidu made some sensational revelations on the upcoming elections. On contrary to the speculation of earlier elections, this senior most leader got his own theory to back up his statements regarding this issue.CBN addressed a party meeting in Guntur today. Talking to his cadre and followers, he declared that there won’t be any earlier elections and all the rumors on this thing are merely false. According to the AP Chief Minister, he is not willing to face elections quicker than the actual term and is all set to oppose it in case the Centre forces the States. CBN stated that the BJP backed Centre is very keen on organizing the parliamentary elections and it is likely to make an amendment to the State Government’s terms.

In any case, he asked the TDP cadre to get ready to fight with the Centre.Babu extended his confidence to his party leaders by declaring that the Centre for its own benefits should not force the States to act according to it. In such situation, he is ready to wage a war along with the neighborhood states than following the orders from the Capital.The commencement time of elections would not create any impact on TDP in terms of vote bank but it may cost more if there exist separate elections for AP and Telangana. TRS has already prepared for earlier elections but TDP wants to have a one time campaign across the two Telugu states to minimize the election expenses.


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