Pawan Fans Worried About Swami Naidu?

Chiranjeevi And Swami Naidu Turn To Janasena

Knowingly or unknowingly, the party Janasena is turning out to be the sequel of Praja Rajyam day by day. A recent update from the mega camp reveals an exciting development by the mega fans.The All India Chiranjeevi Fans Association president Swami Naidu has revealed his interest to join the Janasena as a support to the Pawan Kalyan. This hardcore supporter of Chiranjeevi traveled with his demi-God for the last two decades and supported Praja Rajyam when Chiru floated the party. Now that the party got merged into Congress and all the mega fans shifted to Congress accordingly. But some of the fans of Pawan Kalyan distanced themselves from Congress for obvious reasons.

When Pawan floated his Janasena, these distant fans came in support of Pawan Kalyan and formed a group called Exclusive Pawan Kalyan fans. Now that Pawan is fighting alone, first the mega brother Nagababu sent a feeler that his younger brother needs the support of mega family. Now the Fan’s President Swami Naidu is all set to join the Janasena leaving some Exclusive Mega fans in confusion. With this constant incoming of the mega family into Jana Sena, political analysts say that it will become Praja Rajyam.

If we observe the lower levels of the party’s construction, i.e. at the fan base level, the differences between Pawan fans and Chiru fans would lead to internal war which affects the party’s base. So Pawan should be keen on all these issues to avoid internal fan wars. For now, Pawan didn’t respond on this issue and let us wait to witness if Pawan allows Swami Naidu into the party or not.


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