Wednesday, July 6, 2022
HomelatestTDP's Supremo Gives A Serious Warning To His MLA's

TDP’s Supremo Gives A Serious Warning To His MLA’s

Telugu Desam Party supremo Nara Chandrababu Naidu has been furious over the delayed and irresponsible works of some of his MLA’s. Disappointed by this, the chief minister has given a strict warning to all of his MLA’s. strict warning to all of his MLA's.CBN has made it clear that he will be allocating the party ticket to only the people who are working honestly for the welfare of the people. He asked all the people’s representatives of the party to be in their respective constituencies and look after the issues and welfare programmes initiated by him. CBN also mentioned that he got a detailed report of all the legislators who are working and as well as neglecting the issues of the people.CBN has once again made it clearThe party chief has asked them to take this as a final warning from his side and also ordered them to shed down their arrogance and enhance their efforts in strengthening the party. CBN has once again made it clear that those who indulge in corrupt practices and neglects the issues of the people will not the get the party ticket for the coming elections.

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