CBN’s Special Advice To Stalin Regarding Grand Alliance


The AP CM Chandrababu Naidu the other day met the DMK President Stalin in order to strengthen the Opposition parties against NDA Government. Details of this meet as follows.CBN had an hour-long meeting with the DMK Chief in Chennai post his Karnataka tour. After the meet, CBN himself interacted with the National media.

cbn while interacting with stalin explained

He told the Press that on a part of uniting all the parties to save the democracy, he has met Stalin in order to change his mind. CBN while interacting with Stalin explained that he kept the forty years enmity with Congress only for the sake of people’s interest and requested the latter to do the same with AICC. In other words, CBN asked Stalin to forget the regional rivals to join forces only to obey people’s will of eradicating BJP’s ruling which is like a dictatorship.

cbn is working restlesslyAt one side CBN is working restlessly to the downfall of BJP, on the flip side the Modi Sarkar is trying its best to trouble the AP CM by halting funds to the State in all possible means. The upcoming Lok Sabha elections will be the most interesting one this time.


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