High Court Judgement On Charmi’s Petition

Charmi files petition against SIT

Charmi files petition against SIT investigation

Actress Charmi Kaur is in Drug racket case and has sent notices to attend the SIT investigation. She dinies to attend the investigation for questioning her and Charmi files petition against SIT investigation in the drugs case. Charmi’s advocate says hence she an unmarried woman she is taking the help of court to protect her constitutional rights. It is not fair to question a girl without any proofs. Charmi also says that she comes from a respectable family and apprehends that her samples may be taken with her approval rather forcing to collect her blood, hair and nail samples.

The Court even accepts that without Charmi’s consent, SIT will not take any samples from her. Also, Charmi can have the SIT interrogation at a place of her choice. Furthermore, the High Court also asks the SIT to interrogate Charmi between 10 a.m. and 5. PM only. The court also directs the SIT to investigate her only with women officers. the officials also agree for what the court have ordered. Charmi investigation date has changed from July 21 to July 26.

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