Charmi and Mumaith Khan Got Special Opportunity


SIT gave Special Treatment for Charmi and Mumaith Khan in Drugs Case

SIT gave Special Treatment for Charmi and Mumaith Khan in Drugs Case: The interrogation is going for the popular Cine celebrities in the drugs case. Till now SIT officers questioned few Cine celebrities and questioned Navadeep on Monday. In this case Tollywood heroines, Charmi and Mumaith Khan are there. SIT wants to interrogate these two in their own style and to ask questions. But they will interrogate these with some special treatment with lady officers. 3 lady officers in Aabarki department got orders for this task.

SIT gave an opportunity to have the interrogation at the place where they want with lady officers. Charmi got the opportunity to be interrogated in her apartment in camera. But there is no clarity in Mumaith Khan that when and where the interrogation will go on and the clarity will come soon. As Mumaith is in ‘Big Boss’ show, so she should definitely attend the interrogation. That is the reason SIT give special opportunities. SIT officials have information about Mumaith will take drugs. But SIT has a doubt that Charmi by taking drugs even supplies drugs to Cine celebrities and rich kids in events. So SIT is ready to pull all these things but lets see that will these 2 cooperate with SIT…? Already Charmi put a case in high court about the interrogation. But there is a doubt that she will get a positive order. So SIT officials are telling that Charmi should cooperate to their interrogation and should give the samples for the drugs.

Navdeep Escapes from Media Before Interrogation

Charmi File Petition In High Court


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