Navdeep Escapes from Media Before Interrogation

Navdeep SIT investigation

Navdeep SIT investigation

Drug Racket case is the latest hot topic in the industry. As many Tollywood personalities are on the issue seems like the public is showing much interest. The SIT is holding investigation scheduling dates for everyone who are involved in the issue. Everyone is attending the investigation accordingly. Today it turns for Navdeep SIT investigation. Expecting Navdeep would speak to media before attending the investigation, Media people waited in front of Navdeep’s place. Though it is 10:30 he didn’t come out of his house.

Consequently, he is in Akbari building for attending the investigation. Seeing this media people taunts Navdeep saying as he couldn’t face media he found a way to escape through. As per the reports, Navdeep had a stay at Park Hayat hotel the before day night and has directly gone for investigation. Hence there is a party last night he has to stay back in the hotel says Navdeep. For this, some people taunts him saying he skips out as a thief while other support Navdeep. It is yet to see how Navdeep responds after the SIT investigation

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