Sunday, December 4, 2022
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This is Really Stupid: Dhanush

This is Really Stupid: Dhanush

Tamil hero Dhanush’s latest movie ‘VIP 2′ The film is also planned to be released in Telugu too. Director Soundarya, heroine Kajol are participating in publicity programs in Hyderabad for the past three days to attract audiences’ attention. As part of the publicity program Dhanush attended Tv9 interview. He came out with some memories about the film. Since anchor Deppthi came out with some persoal questions, he took off the mike and came out.

Deepthi questioned about the photos and videos that was out in suchi leaks and the consequences that happened in their family due to the videos. Dhanush reacted to this question saying ” This is really stupid” he threw the mike and left away. If he clarifies that he dont want to speak about personal issues then they would cut the question in editing. but this type of behavior is not fair.

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