Subbaraju irritates SIT officers

Subbaraju SIT investigation

Subbaraju SIT investigation

Drug Racket Case is the most ongoing issue in tollywood industry. Celebrities are slowly attending the SIT investigation regarding the issue. Puri Jagannadh is the first one to be intterogated by the SIT. Though it took much time, finally SIT got the information from Puri. Later cinematographer Shyam K Naidu also gave out the information about the issue. Subbaraju SIT investigation became the tough time for the officers.

In the first two hours of investigation Subbaraju tried to divert the issue giving inappropriate information. Furthermore he acts saying he feels giddiness. Hence, These answers of Subbaraju irriates SIT officers. This behavour of Subbraju made the investigation so long. Today it is Tarun to attend the SIT investigation. to know how Tarun answers to the intterogation it is yet to wait.

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