Friday, February 3, 2023
HomelatestPresidential Elections Gave Lesson To Congress

Presidential Elections Gave Lesson To Congress

Presidential Elections gave Lesson to Congress

Presidential Elections gave Lesson to Congress: Congress reputation was gone in presidential elections. They are over confidence that cross voting will happen but not even minimum votes came. Mainly 21 votes should come in Telangana but only 20 votes came for this the authority became serious. But in North side cross voting came against to Meera Kumar.

Even though Congress failed in everywhere but the only ease because of high votes for Meera Kumar. Congress leaders are feeling bad for their difficulty to get votes but only created this record. But the Congress senior leaders are criticizing that they would have created tension for BJP if they would have planned well.

There is no use of feeling bad after happening everything. The politics they used before to elect the candidate for president is not to get votes. There is a tradition to ask the support if they do or not. But Meera Kumar didn’t do this work. There is no use for Kovind so he didn’t mind remaining. Anyways presidential elections gave the lesson to Congress.

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