Chi La Sow Official Trailer Released


Chi La Sow Official Trailer released

The theatrical trailer of much-awaited movie Chi La Slow was released today, on 28th July 2018. With this movie, Rahul Ravindran debuts as a director in the film industry.

As we click to play the official trailer, we see an amusing scene with the two protagonists at a police station. The next scenes shift to the actor, Shushanth, the groom-to-be, who is hesitant to get married, and how, in spite of all his denials, is insisted by his friends and family to give a thought about it, against his wishes.

Amidst the trailer, Ruhani Sharma is seen directing crisp dialogues towards the actor that make him speechless. The exchange of words filled with both humor and love add spice to the 2-minute trailer. Towards the end, Sushanth appears in front of Ruhani without his lowers; you will roll on the floor in laughter with both of their expressions at this juncture.

Music throughout the small clip will keep you entertained. The couple seems to be romantic and sweet, besides looking enticing together. Both of them seem to play their roles quite naturally and effortlessly. Having already mentioned the catchy dialogues, the upcoming movie seems promising enough.

The trailer displays the message that this monsoon a wedding is going to happen, but it is not certain; “will not happen” is replaced by “will happen “, which is followed by “may happen” in the short video. This ambiguity makes the trailer a more interesting one. With the perfect balance of both emotions and comedy, Rahul Ravindran has hit the nail on the head. In association with Annapurna Studios, the movie has surely carved high expectations. Let us all sit back and wait till monsoon, for the release of this fun-packed movie on 3rd August 2018.


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