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Artificial intelligence and Its Jobs

Artificial intelligence is a machine technology which performs all the works which a human can perform. That is robots are invented to perform works as like humans in an advanced method and speed. In the traditional method agriculture is done by farmers with their hands, but when the machines took over farming, a new set of industrial jobs were introduced. And in the same way layman used to work for the repetitive works but when the robots took over the factories, all the repetitive works are done by machines or robots. So at that time, many people are moved to IT jobs which did not exist before the introduction of robots in the factories and agriculture.

Now artificial intelligence is taking over another industry of jobs, a wave of as of yet unheard of jobs will soon be raised. The thinking that leads to the conclusion has a long way told history going back to the creative destruction. The word creative destruction states that the process of industrial development that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one, the time around, however, it may be wrong also.

Normal a human cannot have many capabilities to perform. Human is capable of many things but as detailed by the artificial intelligence system, a human can be outperformed by machines on many individual tasks, without knowing how complicated they may be first. There are many people who will argue that there are many examples of artificial outperforming humans in the digital world, and the real world challenges will prove much more difficulties.

There are many inventions which help the human in his work which is the fresh progress in the world like self-driving cars, drones, and robots to navigate the routes comfortably. It is becoming very difficult to find any sacred areas that robots will not be able to perform better than humans.

The future of human employment completely depends upon the skills a person possesses for different jobs and the capabilities of machines. When an industry is introduced with the artificial intelligence there will be few works machines were unable to do so a human should have the higher skill to get higher pay and more interesting jobs. The best place to start to look for human employment is to start is deep within ourselves.

As we take pride ourselves on advanced skills such as mathematics and chess, the human is not born innately aware or algebra or checkmate. Human is social, he will be aware of others, their reactions, our relationships. Removing a human from the social environment is so harmful. When we try to use machines to be in the place of the human in the social lives. Their response may be immediate and negative. But the technology is not inadequate. It is extremely capable and would be able to perform better than human at the task in question. And in the social environment don’t want artificial intelligence to involve I our social interactions and our relationships.

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