Shocking! China plans to limit Shanghai population to 25 Million!

China plans to limit Shanghai population to 25 Million

China plans to limit Shanghai population to 25 Million!

Posted December 26, 2017, 3:25 pm at 15:25 

In a bid to overcome ‘big city disease’ the Chinese government stated that the environmental pollution and scarcity of public resources including education, transport, and the population of Shanghai, the financial hub of the nation, will be limited to 25 million by the year 2035.

‘Big city disease’ is the term given to megacities, where the city is plagued by medical care occurs due to the ever-growing population.

The Chinese authorities have also stated that the land available for construction will not exceed the limit of 3,200 According to the master plan, the authorities said they would intensify the efforts in preserving historic sites and the environment.

As of 2015, 24.15 million are identified as ‘permanent residents’ in residing in Shanghai. The latest development comes after the Government gave a nod to the ‘Shanghai Masterplan 2017 – 2035’ prepared by the state authorities.

The move is greatly welcomed by various nations across the continents and is seen as a possible solution to tackle ever-increasing pollution outcries in megacities.

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