China to steal India’s Drone Technology!


China to steal India’s Drone Technology!

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In the battlefield, even a small mistake can lead to a catastrophic event and cause grave loss. The same has taken place with the Indian defence agencies. After it was reported that a drone from the Indian Army crashed in China, the government agencies and defence department expressed great concern over the incident.

The drone that belonged to India crashed at the site few kilometers away from the Disputed-Chicken’s neck Doklam region. After 2 weeks of the drone’s crash, the Chinese Government officials released a statement that an Indian drone crashed 20km into their territorial region. The Chinese officials did not even confirm the crash site to the Indian government.

Following this, the Indian Army and other defence sections are worried. The drone is a specimen of advanced technology in modern times. The drone, identified as ‘Heron’ has been purchased from Israel. The drone hosts 250 Kg sensors, Thermography, Infrared Camera and high-altitude surveillance gear. The drone is capable of returning to its base camp despite the failure of communications with the control tower.

These are the only type of drones in the whole world capable of analysing weather conditions during their flight.

The Indian government is terrified given the ‘reverse-engineering’ and sensitive information hacking from Chinese Government.

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