Indian student offers new phone for sex with underage girl, jailed


Indian student offers new phone for sex with underage girl, jailed

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Following a three- day trial, Hari was convicted on one count of hiring a sex worker who was a minor, below 18 years of age. Hari an Indian based student who was sentenced to 10 months jail in Singapore for taking the services of an underage girl, but in prostitute business and also not paying her in May 2016, reports local media.

Hari Kumar Anpalagan, 25, was found guilty of having sex with the girl. She was 14 years old and admitted to providing services in exchange for cash.

The culprit was confronted by the District Judge Kenneth Yap by asking “you have not shown a shred of remorse for the girl, you added salt to the wound by not paying her,” chided Hari.

The court said that Hari responded to the girl’s post on a social network app, in which she requested help to buy a new mobile phone. Hari saw the post and offered to assist her and asked what he would get in return. While the girl offered sexual services after negotiating, he promised to pay her 70 Singapore dollars. Her age did not deter Hari from taking the services, later the school found out about her activities notified the officers.

Police after finding the text messages between her and Hari in her mobile phone arrested Hari. Hari refused the allegations and asked the court to let him complete his internship.

It should be understood that engaging such services with an underage prostitute, Hari can be jailed for seven years and also fined.

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