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HomelatestCigarette Trails lead to 69% of Chain smokers

Cigarette Trails lead to 69% of Chain smokers

Cigarette Trails lead to 69% of Chain smokers

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The famous says, ‘All good things are hard to achieve, while bad things are easy to get’ is absolutely true on various fronts in our lives. In particular, teenagers are the victims of bad influence. They easily get on with bad habits, which later ruin their lives. One best example is the smoking. During early to mid-teens, be it the hormonal rush, the peer-pressure, or the group of friends, teenagers start smoking with Cigarette trails, promising that they wouldn’t continue.

These Cigarette trails soon become an addiction, ruining the teenager’s life at personal, physical and emotional levels. A survey on ‘Smoking habits’ has been recently carried out on people between 13-25 years of age. The researchers were shocked to find out that, 3 out every 5 smokers, who started it for fun with one cigarette, ended up as daily smokers. More than 2,00,000 people from Australia, the US, the UK and New Zealand took part in this survey.Cigarette Trails lead to 69% of Chain smokers

The researchers claimed that 69% of people who went ahead with cigarette trails ended up as chain smokers. London’s Queen Mary University said that it was the largest scientific research conducted by 8 surveys worldwide. In the US, 9 out of 10 males are accustomed to cigarette smoking in the age of 18. Half of the chain smokers recalled that cigarette trails lead them to where they are now. That’s why teens are advised to be away from cigarette trails hobby.

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