CM Ramesh The New Chairman For PAC: Shock to BJP


The regional party TDP has registered their first official and Political win on its new rival BJP. Its ex-Cabinet Minister CM Ramesh got elected as the chairman of Public Affairs Committee of the house.PAC is the most powerful one of all the existing committees of Parliament. TDP silently forayed into the elections of PAC Chairman with its candidate CM Ramesh. After delivering an electrifying speech in Rajya Sabha, CM Ramesh raised his protest against the Centre every day by halting the sessions. Interestingly, Ramesh got the support of main Opposition Congress and other left parties like CPI, CPM, and JDS.

Out of 205 votes, Ramesh bagged as many as 110 votes leaving the other BJP contestant in vain. This is a huge blow to the ruling party of India BJP despite having a thumping majority in the house. Also, this is a clear indication to the Saffron party that an anti-alliance is on the way to dethrone Modi from the Chair.On the other hand, left parties and TDP are eager to win the Deputy Chairman post for Rajya Sabha against the BJP. Speaker of the house made it clear that the elections for the Deputy of Rajya Sabha. MPs of YSRCP, JDU, BJP and Shiv Sena hid their depression of Ramesh’s win As the Chairman of PAC. through this, TDP can fight more aggressively against BJP for its backstabbing on AP bifurcation act and Special Status.


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