Wednesday, March 22, 2023
HomelatestAP To Challenge Centre In Apex Court Regarding AP Bifurcation Act

AP To Challenge Centre In Apex Court Regarding AP Bifurcation Act

The NDA Government shocked AP by filing an affidavit in the Supreme Court against the State of AP in fulfilling the Bifurcation Act of 2014. It is now the State’s turn to file a counter challenging the Centre.It all began with a case filed by the Congress MLC Sudhakar Reddy on the Centre in the past. He demanded the Centre to implement the Act in the States of AP and Telangana in the filed case. After all these years, the case came to the first hearing and the Bench asked the Central Government to submit its response.

Answering the Apex Court, the Centre, in turn, countered the AP State Government by stating that the Institutions and Government Offices need not be split between the two States according to the Planning Commision and left AP in disgust. Quite shaken by this act of the Centre, the ruling party of AP, TDP decided to launch a legal fight on the Centre to have a final conclusion regarding this issue.

AP Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu the other day vented his anguish over the BJP for their backsteps on AP. He declared that the AP Government is ready to file a counter to Central Government’s affidavit very soon. Yanamala questioned if the Centre has any values to oppose the rules and Acts passed in the Parliament. This AP Cabinet Minister stated that BJP is even declaring the judgments of Supreme Court as well which is unethical as per the constitution of India.

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