Thursday, February 9, 2023
HomelatestCongress And BJP War Of Words Amid Mallya's Comments On Jaitley

Congress And BJP War Of Words Amid Mallya’s Comments On Jaitley

The fraudster businessman Vijay Mallya’s tall claims of him meeting the Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley have set a platform for Political war between the two big parties of India, BJP and Congress. Soon after his comments, AICC and BJP have indulged in the verbal war on National Media.

Kingfisher Boss Vijay Mallya who escaped

The other day, this Kingfisher Boss Vijay Mallya who escaped to England without paying 9000 crores of debt to the Indian banks declared that he has met Arun Jaitley before his travel to abroad. Within no time, the AICC Chief Rahul Gandhi made his weapons ready and fired them at his rival party BJP and its leaders. Rahul alleged that Jaitley knew Mallya’s escape and still he remained to be silent because of the secret deals between them. Not stopping there, he declared that the BJP Government is a corrupted party which is known for the Rafael scam and now the latest links with the escaped Mallya.

UPA Government led by Sonia Gandhi

Responding to the Rahul Gandhi’s allegations, the Congress Spokesperson condemned all the comments of Mallya. Patra said that that Mallya never met Arun Jaitley as the latter claimed and declared that his Government is actually looking into the ways to arrest this fraudster. Also, the BJP leader hit back at the Congress Chief by declaring that Mallya and UPA Government led by Sonia Gandhi have had links in the businesses. Also, he stressed on the point that UPA has made deals and favours to the Kingfisher to have some stocks in the company. The war of words has filled the National news yesterday with allegations on each other.

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