Congress Party Launches Mobile App And Pepper Sprays For Bihar Women


The Congress party launched a mobile app and pepper sprays named after late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, for promoting self-defense amongst the women in Bihar. The pepper spray cans features the image of Congress Party’s president, Rahul Gandhi, while the mobile app is called “Indira Shakti”. The pepper spray and Indira Shakti app can be used by the ladies during times of troubles and distress.aicc in-charge of bihar shakti,Shaktisinh Gohil, the AICC in-charge of Bihar Shakti, launched the app at an event organized to commemorate the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, at Sadaqat Ashram, BPCC headquarters, Patna. According to Gohil, the day was apt for the launch of Indira Shakti as Rajiv Gandhi always supported women empowerment and technological innovation.

congress party launched a mobile app

“The app is named after Indira Gandhi to fill the women with a sense of empowerment. Users need to enter numbers of any four trusted persons and, in the event of any emergency, they just need to press tap on the app’s icon and press the SOS button. All the four recipients will receive calls with location of the user,” Gohil told the media.The event was followed by distribution of pepper sprays with the picture of Rahul Gandhi printed on them. “It is a very effective spray and in view of the rising incidents of crimes against women, it can come in handy. It is a device the size of a lipstick and can be carried everywhere with ease”, Gohil added.

The app and the pepper spray are being sensed as another strategy to achieve electoral success after women of Bihar came forward as a strong political force, leading to the victory of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who had distributed bicycles and uniforms to school-going girls in Bihar.Kumar had also banned the sale and consumption of alcohol in 2016 to reach out to Bihar’s women for votes. Congress is taking similar measures to multiply its support base in Bihar.Taking advantage of the situation, the spokesman of the Janata Dal (United), Ajay Alok, made a mocking remark on Rahul Gandhi and said, “I hope before allowing his photographs on the devices, Rahul Gandhi had tested that the spray works”.


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