North Media Considers YSRCP As A Friend Of BJP


The speculations regarding the YSRCP and BJP’s pre or post-poll alliance are growing stronger day by day. With the recent surveys and predictions of Northern Media, it is pretty much clear that these speculations are going to be a reality one day.If we look at the surveys done by the National media which is primarily located in North India, they are favoring YSRCP’s win in AP for the upcoming elections. If they State BJP’s win in the Lok Sabha elections, they are showcasing more MPs from YSRCP from AP State as a partner of NDA. Wonder, why the Northern media is taking YSRCP for granted in the case of BJP’s allies, is well explained by the senior most political analysts.

According to them, Jagan’s recent course of actions pretty much evident and support these rumors. Be it the YSRCP’s support on Presidential Elections or the Rajya Sabha Vice Chairman’s election; YSRCP is favoring BJP and its candidates everytime. Also, the presence of YSRCP MPs at the PMO also gives us a clear picture of ongoing talks between the BJP head and Jagan about their possible alliances.Some Political lovers say that to support BJP in southern states, pro BJP media needs a local regional party to lend their helping hand to project BJP as the winner. As the ruling party TDP went against BJP, the only remaining party is the YSRCP and the media took the AP Opposition for granted.


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