KCR Keeping The Banned Congress MLAs Out Of The Assembly


The TRS Chief KCR is doing everything he can to make the two banned Congress MLAs out of the Assembly house forever. Anguish CM of Telangana has won over the single bench High Court to keep them away.The two Congress MLAs of Telangana Assembly, Komatireddy and Sampath were banned in the past for their bad conduct inside the house. As per the request of Telangana CM KCR, the Speaker banned these two from the Assembly proceedings for a year. The two TPCC MLAs got their bans lifted by approaching the single bench High Court and tried to enter the Assembly. Reluctant Speaker didn’t care the High Court’s verdict and put them outside the house gates.

Meanwhile, the CM KCR has directed his Government to bring in the Former Attorney General as the main bench and got a stay over the single bench division’s verdict on these MLAs. The result is the extension of two months ban on those MLAs from the T-Assembly. Needless to say, it is KCR who moved the Earth via his ruling party to restrict these Congress leaders to the pavilion.His plan is to stop these leaders for two more months and then the TRS Chief has plans to dissolve the Assembly so that their terms will be finished. Seems KCR is irked to the core by the comments of Komatireddy and Sampath in the earlier sessions.


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