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HomelatestHigh Court Issues Notice To 22 TDP MLAs!

High Court Issues Notice To 22 TDP MLAs!

High Court Notice To 22 MLA’s Over Defection To TDP

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The combined High Court of the Telugu States issued notices to 22 TDP MLAs. All the MLAs have won in the 2014 AP Assembly Elections on YSRCP ticket, and have changed the parties later. The notices were issued after the High Court heard the arguments from Giddalur (Prakasham District) ex-MLA Anna Venkata Rambabu, who filed the PIL (Public Interest Litigation) in the High Court.

Shockingly, the notices were issued to AP Assembly Secretary and Judicial Secretary along with the MLAs. The court postponed the next hearing of the case for the last week of March. In the petition, Anna Venkata Rambabu also stated that S Amarnath Reddy, Sujaya Krishna Ranga Rao, CH Adinarayana Reddy, and Bhuma Akhila Priya who won on behalf of YSRCP, have no right to continue in the AP State Cabinet, and should immediately resign for their respective ministries.

According to the petition, the ex-MLA also demanded the High Court to issue interim orders nullifying their position as ministers and MLAs, and a fine of Rs 500 per day until the case is resolved.The recent development raised concerns in the TDP camp. The best part of the whole thing is that Anna Venkat Rambabu is a TDP MLA in the past.

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