Tuesday, October 26, 2021
HomelatestEarthquake in Hyderabad? Trinity Corporate Employees run for lives!

Earthquake in Hyderabad? Trinity Corporate Employees run for lives!

Earthquake Spread Panic In Parts of Hyderabad

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Social networking sites and WhatsApp are playing a vital role when it comes to communication in the society. The news is being shared to millions of people within a span of few minutes, thanks to these two mediums.At the same time, the fake news is also being spread. One such news scared the hell out of employees of Trinity Corporate Building employees.

According to sources, rumours surfaced that an earthquake struck KPHB (Kukatpally Housing Boarding) area at around 10:15 am today morning. The tremors have been reported to be felt in the Trinity Corporate Building (in Manjeera). As soon as the news spread like wildfire, the employees working in the building’s 8th, 15th and 16th floors ran for their lives and vacated the building in a matter of minutes.

The employees were by the building’s security personnel that, reports of an earthquake are false, and there is nothing to worry. The police who visited the location took a U-turn after knowing the reports were false. Employees shared that, they were literally holding their hearts in their mouths while running for their lives.

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