Is Congress Repeating The Same Big Mistake?

Congress get into the elections

The Telangana Congress committee is on cloud nine by the mixed response of TRS most anticipated Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha.
Is Congress Repeating The Same Big MistakeThe Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha has not brought a much-needed attention or appreciation to the TRS from the people rather it has invited severe criticism from every corner for selling and distributing the liquor all over. Targeting this, the Congress has aimed its guns on the ruling party for the distribution of liquor and wasting people’s money for a political event.The PCC Chief Uttam KumarTill here, everything seems to be good but the strategy that is implemented by Congress appears to be a big blunder. The Congress has taken the advantage of the TRS failures but it is completely focused on how to dethrone KCR rather than putting their efforts to how to get into power. The PCC Chief Uttam Kumar has stated that they will go into the public with the slogan of ‘KCR Hatao Telangana Bachao’. But they have to realise that it’s not that easy to dethrone KCR citing the failure of one event.Congress should also include how would they develop Telangana and what vision they have for the betterment of the state matters the most apart from citing the failures of the ruling party. If the Congress get into the elections with the prime target of dethroning KCR, it would definitely cost the party a lot. It’s always the vision and the welfare schemes play the vital role apart from the failures of the others.


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