Tuesday, May 11, 2021
HomelatestD. Srinivas Throws A Direct Challenge To KCR

D. Srinivas Throws A Direct Challenge To KCR

The senior most politician and the current TRS M.P D.Srinivas has thrown an open challenge to the party Supremo KCR regarding his pending suspension.Ahead of the snap polls, the senior most politician comments on the chief of TRS have stirred the Telangana politics all of a sudden. As we all know the pending issue of Srinivas resignation, the M.P has lambasted on KCR to first expel him from his party before going to the polls. If not he also advised him to withdraw the resolution of removing him from the party members.D. Srinivas also alleged on the other M.P Kavitha D. Srinivas also alleged on the other M.P Kavitha saying that if she doesn’t like him to be in the party, the TRS chief can suspend him immediately. He also stated that he has never asked for any Rajya Sabha post and defends his son’s act as someone has cornered his son by imposing a false rape case on him.M.P Kavitha Srinivas has been avoided for all the party meetings including the Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha. He has not been called for or intimated regarding any active issues of the party which in turn has severely humiliated him. M.P Kavitha along with other members of the Nizamabad district has adopted a resolution of expelling him from the party sometime back. The resolution is kept pending by the chief minister KCR.


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