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controversy director I like poking people, says RGV

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma claims that he always liked taking a dig at people. “From my childhood, I liked poking people, so my films are extension of that trait,” says the director in an interview to promote his upcoming hard-hitting film ‘Kadapa Rajyamlo Reddlu’ set to release on November 29. “It is a spoof on political situation post-Assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh. For the first time, we will be showing what is going to happen in the future also in Cuddapah, like the rise of factionalism which no one showed before. I have a look-alike of Pawan Kalyan but nothing to do with real-life Pawan. Even reference of ‘pottodu’ is not Jr NTR. Resemblance or reference to real-life persons is mere coincidence,” he laughs.

But the trailer was targeting only one particular party-Telugu Desam Party and its top leaders. “I am just showing the fictional story of rumblings in a party that has lost elections. In fact, I got to know that some Telugu Desam party leaders liked my trailer. Particularly, the ‘Pappu’ scene because I was showing what they couldn’t express in person.
I have not received any threat calls, probably they are worried about my recording them,” he points out. He claims to have worked hard to find look-alikes of various political leaders and celebrities for his movie. On K A Paul moving the Court, he says “Firstly, KA Paul is a funny man to me and also he is busy stalling World War 3. I have faced court cases even in the past,” he opines.

He also denies that he is supporting one community and deriding another one. “That’s not true. Once you watch the complete film, then you will know. It is just fun-centric political satire,” he adds. However, he says that he is dedicating his film to two famous people-father and son. “You guess the names,” he chuckles. On receiving brickbats and cuss words for his work, “I can’t sleep well if I don’t hear cuss words against me every day, so I am used to it,” he points out.

The director of ‘Shiva’ says that he is able to make films faster than others because he has a dedicated team. “From the germination of story idea to completion of the movie, parallel teams work for me. Hence, I could make more films.” On shifting his focus to political dramas from gangster and horror flicks, he adds “I do stories that excite me at that point of time,” he informs. He claims to be observing the political happenings in Maharasthra over the last one month, “I have to make another ‘Sarkar,’ but no such plans for now as my next film will be a love story and another one would revolve around martial arts,” he signs off. BVS

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