Monday, February 6, 2023
HomelatestCSDS Lokniti’s Survey Favours TDP’s Victory In Elections

CSDS Lokniti’s Survey Favours TDP’s Victory In Elections

The Centre for the Study of Development of Societies institution via its program Lokniti has conducted an open survey on AP Politics recently. Results of this aided organization are out and it supports CBN’s Kingdom.

The CSDS predicted that the TDP will form Government yet again in the Andhra Pradesh. Interestingly, it declared that the Yellow camp needs no support from any other parties as it can win seats anywhere between 126 and 135. It limited YSRCP to just 40 seats this time and gave very few seats like 5 to the Janasena-CPI-CPM-BSP alliance in Andhra Pradesh. Coming to the Lok Sabha seats, CSDS is confident that the people are willing to send 15 to 22 MPs to the Parliament from TDP and just 3 from YSRCP. There will be no deposits for Janasena and BJP in the Lok Sabha elections as per the released survey studies. TDP gained a vote bank of 46% whereas YSRCP fell to a new low of 34% but Janasena bagged a vote bank of nearly 10% this time.

CSDS came with an explanation that the majority of voters are happy with the ruling of CBN and they wanted to continue the development works and construction of capital Amaravati without a change in Government. Political lovers, however, opened their eyes wide just to acknowledge the fact that TDP alone can form the government without the help of Janasena.

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