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YSRCP Still Hopes On That Sentiment Thing

The Opposition party YSRCP has been seeing a new low in terms of campaigning just before the elections. However, its leaders are gaining confidence on one single aspect, that is late YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s charisma.

YSRCP is still sustaining due to one single factor YS Rajasekhar Reddy or else, it would have not been holding the place of opposition. It’s Chief YS Jagan despite his Padha Yatra bagged bad reputation with cases and immature Political decisions within and outside the AP Politics. Still, the anti-incumbency votes appeared to be in YSRCP’s favor. To everyone’s surprise, the ruling party TDP launched incredible missiles on YSRCP in the name of Pasupu Kunkuma, Pensions for all groups, financial aid for farmers etc. Not just that, the people are impressed with the milestones like Polavaram project, development of capital and some important regions of the State under the ruling of CBN. in this regard, there is nothing much in YSRCP’s arsenal other than his over-hyped navaratnas. But, the YSRCP leaders are in thought that the middle and poor sections would vote for YSRCP recollecting the great works of late YSR in his regime.

According to the analysts, this mindset would fetch some thousands of votes but it won’t gain them the power at any cost until and unless the party works hard to gather some momentum before the D-Day.

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