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HomelatestHijras In Demand For Karnataka Assembly Elections!

Hijras In Demand For Karnataka Assembly Elections!

Demand For Hijras In Karnataka Assembly Elections

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Every individual has his/her own set of superstitions, and beliefs. In fact, many consider a black cat coming in their way as a symbol of bad luck. We need not specify the range of superstitions celebrities, and politicians have. While film stars believe in ‘combinations and pairing’ on the silver screen, cricketers believe in jersey numbers.

Similarly, the Karnataka politicians too have their own belief. In fact, it is something that has shocked many people. In an attempt to win in the upcoming assembly elections, the contestants are bringing in Hizras to campaign for them. What’s more interesting is that even Hizras from Hyderabad and Chennai are being recruited for the same purpose.

When investigated about this unique campaigning, a contestant said, ‘we strongly believe that campaigning by Hizras will bring us good luck. It happened in the past also. We are confident about this’.

Meanwhile, the Hizras are seeing this as a right opportunity to bag some cash. They are charging quite hefty amounts to campaign on behalf of the contesting candidates. The politicians are more than happy to rope in Hizras for campaigning and are ready to pay the hefty charges.  

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