Demand To Ban Arjun Reddy

demand to ban Arjun Reddy

Demand to ban Arjun Reddy

Hero Vijaydevarakonda’s latest movie under Sandeep direction is Arjun Reddy. Arjun reddy is doing high with it’s collections. Even celebrities are prasing the film by tweeting and posting in social media. Tollywood top celebrities RGV, Rajamouli are praising high about the film. On the other hand there are many critics who are going against the film. They say the movie is directing the youth in a wrong way. Now, YSRCP leader demand to ban Arjun Reddy.

Already Congress senior leader V.H is against the film. He raised a controversy tearing Arjun Reddy poster. Now, ysrcp women leader demands to ban the film. She says the scenes in the movie are misleading youth. all the scenes of drugs, kisses and other aspects are not to encourage by government and the sencor board. This politicians also writes a letter requesting to ban the Movie.

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