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Did NTR Really Introduced Lakshmi Parvati In That Function?

The recently released controversial flick Lakshmi’s NTR finally became a success in Telangana and is running with packed houses. Even after its release, some scenes continue making controversies setting a stage for debates among AP Political circles.

Sensational director RGV fought with the Courts and released Lakshmi’s NTR in Telangana. Those who saw the flick now are talking about the scene which comes in the interval. According to the movie, NTR calls Lakshmi Parvathi on to the stage of Major Chandrakanth’s 100 days function which was held in Tirupati only to introduce her to the Public and get their acceptance. This might be a dramatic twist by Varma who took some Cinematic liberty to enhance the relationship but in real life, close aids of NTR declare that no such thing had ever happened. Even in the available footages of this function, Lakshmi Parvathi was seen sitting in the crowd and no one could ever recollect such a scene happened in the past.

Whatever might be the thing, the creative genius RGV, at last not only released the flick against all odds of TDP but also registered a much-needed success which ends up his flop streak. Makers are trying hard to release this flick in the AP State to gain more profits.

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