Modi Reflecting His Intentions In AP Public Meets

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Likewise CBN, the Indian Prime Minister Modi has taken the rivalry with AP CM quite personally. A quick look at the Modi’s election campaign and his strategy explain everything.

Be it the competitive spirits or the domination of seniority, Modi and CBN are really crossing swords at each other. At one side, Babu has waged a Political war against Modi at the National level to downplay the Indian PM, the other side, Modi is even extending his help to AP Opposition party YSRCP only to defeat TDP in the elections. Unlike every time, Modi is taking enough time to campaign for BJP in the AP State. Within a week’s time, this three times CM of Gujarat held two Public meetings in AP and all his speeches are filled with hatred towards TDP and its National Chief CBN. Not just this, Modi is making sure not to utter anything against Jagan and Pawan Kalyan and his complete concentration is set on TDP Government’s failures all these years of ruling.

By slinging mud on CBN and indirectly supporting Jagan, Modi really wants to limit Babu in Opposition position in both State and Central elections this year. Knowing that BJP almost has no future, Modi is relying on CBN’s rivals KCR and Jagan in the two Telugu States for a possible alliance post polls of Lok Sabha.


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