Saturday, June 25, 2022

DJ Movie Fans Talk

DJ Movie Fans Talk: ‘Resu Gurram’, ‘S/O Satyamurthy’, ‘Sarrainodu’ like this Allu Arjun is getting continues success, recently ‘DJ’ also. From starting onwards Mega fans kept high expectations on this movie. Even film industry got curious with the combination of Bunny and director Harish Shankar. With the high expectation, even director Harish Shankar held the movie. As this film is Dil Raju’s 25th movie, so he produced with the high budget. Today with the release of the movie, fans and audience are appreciating a lot

Fans are happy that ‘as it is how they imagined, director Harish Shankar showed Allu Arjun’. Fans said that ‘does Allu Arjun suits as young brahmin or not but Bunny did a splendid performance. With the stylish look, Bunny did an amazing romance with Pooja Hegde’. Fans are telling ‘as this movie will get 100 crores with the addition of Pooja Hegde’s glamor’. The normal audience also gave the positive reaction to this movie. Some commented that ‘it would have been very nice if the story line is somewhat unique and more concentration in the second half’. Overall fans liked ‘DJ’ a lot.

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