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US President Donald Trump Willing Strong Relations With India

Donald Trump Willing Strong Relations India

Donald Trump Willing Strong Relations India: America is trying to increase their connection with Indian said by American President. After coming to the position he announced his decision on Afghanistan. By the media, he talked about American people he opposed Pakistan in the way of terrorism. Pakistan was changed as the heaven to terrorism activities. The terrorists were roaming in Pakistan barely. Trump requested Pakistan to stop that. If the Pakistan will not change their way means he warned them not to be quite. As the terrorist’s network’s like Taliban are changing in to dangerous to Asia. As they are not going to be quite on this he said. If Pakistan does not take action against terrorism, then the country will have to lose a lot.

The US has partnered with India in a new perspective on Afghanistan. Afghanistan south Asian countries the America changed their decisions. Said by Donald Trump. The World wide big populated country India their security and financial support to them he said. To maintain the peace in neighboring country Afghanistan India had to support them more. To Afghanistan India is well supporting he said. But with America, India is doing some billion dollars market in the same way. He requested to do the business with Afghanistan also. By the Trump speech, it imitates the change take place in their nation. America always supports Pakistan, US changed after the Pakistan attack on 11th September. The Pakistan who is supporting the terrorism they should control it. If not there is the danger the America is thinking.

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