Donald Trump Announces His Strategy On Afghanistan

Donald Trump Announces Strategy

Donald Trump Announces Strategy

Donald Trump Announces Strategy: US President Donald Trump will announce a new strategy on Afghanistan. Tuesday morning 7.30 the announcement done on the nation he is going to announce. America old president Barack Obama he took all his duties after 100 days he announced America culture…Awaited by Trump. On Afghanistan Trump took this much time and this is going to think viral. In this situation, Trump government is struggling in this situation.

In Obama’s rules, Afghanistan and Pakistan plays a major role. The new rule going to announce by Trump is going to add India also the intelligence information. On Afghanistan, America going to announce a new rule that is not only for that’s nation. And to total south countries, this rule is going to work Americas security minister Council is said. On twin towers, the Al Qaeda did attack with airplanes and within some days they announced war on it. On September 11th the main role Osama bin Laden has given shelter by Afghanistan America government is only ruling.

In that war, they haven’t caught Osama bin Laden the America have searched nearly 10 years for him. Finally, in 2011, Abbottabad in Pakistan encountered Laden. In 2001 Afghanistan, had shifted their army till now also they haven’t gone. In ruling Democratic… Afghanistan Iraq the country rule is passing the whole country is observing.

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