YCP Copying TDP

YCP Copying TDP

YCP Copying TDPYCP Copying TDP

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Jagan fails to implement his own tactics from the start. Initially, Jagan copied the plans of his father, later on, he is copying from Chandra babu Naidu. The senior analysts are saying that to become CM he should have his own plans and views.

Jagan failed in Visakhapatnam but now he is eager to win. He is making a priority to Kapu category in Vizag party but the majority of the people are towards Chandrababu Naidu. Even Jagan is not listening to the senior leaders of YCP, even Prashanth Kishore cant handle the situation.

If only Kapu category is seen then remaining Garava, Matsyakara, Yadava, Velama is not bothered. Party activists have expressed regret that Jagan is forgetting that TDP is the ruling party and YCP is the opposition party.

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