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OMG…! An Online Game Killing Human

Death Game Blue Whale Details

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Death Game Blue Whale Details: We all like to play games. Nowadays in online games are most exciting and interesting games coming. But an online game is playing with life’s of the human by making us attempt suicide. Oh my God…! Yes! It’s for real. Let’s check it out what game is that.

An Internet game, Blue Whale Game also called as ‘Whale Challenge’ which started in Russia as ‘F57’, ‘Death Game’ in the VKontakte social network which is spread in several countries. The term ‘Blue Whale’ comes from the phenomenon of beached whales, which means suicide. It’s not a downloadable software or app. It’s primarily a social media phenomenon that enters social media networks from secret groups. For examples the social media phenomenon like ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the Harlem Shake.

The game is of 50 days, the player will get 50 tasks. The player should take photos while undertaking the challenge and upload them as proofs to the approval.

There will be the list of tasks like this:

1. Carve a specific phrase on the person’s own hand or arm.
2. Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and watch a scary video. (sent by the curator in that game)
3. Make lengthwise cuts on the person’s own arm.
4. Draw a whale on a piece of paper
5. Write ‘YES’ on the person’s own leg if ready to be a whale. Otherwise, they should cut themselves multiple times.
6. Secret task (written in code.)
7. Scratch (a message) on the person’s own arm.
8. Write a status online about being a whale.
9. Overcome a fear.
10. Get up at 4:20 and go to the roof.
11. Carve a whale on the person’s own hand.
12. Watch scary videos all day.
13. Listen to music the ‘curator’ sends.
14. Cut your lip.
15. Poke the person’s own arm/hand with a needle.
16. Make yourself hurt or sick.
17. Go to a roof and stand on the edge.
18. Stand on a bridge.
19. Climb a crane.
20. At this step, the ‘curator’ somehow checks to see if the participant is trustworthy.
21. Talk with a ‘Whale’ on Skype.
22. Sit down on a roof with legs dangling over the edge.
23. Another job that is in code.
24. A secret mission
25. Meet with a ‘Whale’.
26. The ‘curator’ assigns a date that the person will die.
27. Visit a railroad.
28. Do not talk with anyone all day.
29. Give an oath/vow about being a whale.
30. After these steps, steps 30-49 involve watching horror movies and listening to music that the curator picks, talking to a whale, and making cuts.
And the last task is jumping off a building.

Like this, the Whale fame give task and make the person attempt suicide.

There are 100’s of youth died by playing this game. Even in India, a 14 years old boy attempted suicide because of this game. And there are many cases like this.

The government declared Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo to take down all the links related to this ‘Whale, Game’.

People, please do think and do the things or else your valuable life will be at risk with this kind of things.

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