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Fans Negative Comments On Taapsee Pannu

Fans Negative Comments Taapsee Pannu

Fans Negative Comments Taapsee Pannu: As Tapsi acted with many star hero’s and also she did get the luck. Sometimes here and there tried beauty left to Bollywood. In Bollywood, she slowly gaining craze. In this time once again in Telugu with Anandoobramha movie she got a chance. Last week this movie came to the audience and all are taught she is going to be busy here also. She is not gained her star image by this film. And she was failed as an actor, it was not satisfied her fans.

In AnandooBramha movie her role is going to be super. She acted a good role it’s a hero role she said and after the release of the movie. In the movie, the Tapsi role is not the main role. She appears only sometimes and she was not attracted in that time too. Tapsi announced that she is going to do regular movies after this movie. She is ready to do also no one is ready to believe that offers are going to come. She is to do small characters in Bollywood again.

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