Don’t Involve My Children in Politics: Renu Desai


Never Drag My Children Into Politics: Renu Desai

Actress Renu Desai, who is also the former wife of Pawan Kalyan, took to Instagram to share a sincere plea addressed to Pawan’s political adversaries. In a video she posted after recovering from a viral illness, Renu acknowledged that Pawan Kalyan’s actions during their marriage were entirely inappropriate, and she didn’t deny this fact.

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Renu proceeded to request that the creators of an upcoming biopic

Renu proceeded to request that the creators of an upcoming biopic about Pawan Kalyan‘s three marriages refrain from producing any content that could tarnish or disrupt their personal lives. Speaking from her perspective as a mother, she urged those who hold differing opinions about her ex-husband to consider her appeal. She emphasized that her aim was to set aside her personal pain and focus on the greater welfare of society and marginalized communities.

In her Instagram post, Renu expressed her awareness that not everyone might comprehend her stance, but she hoped that people could look beyond the personal turmoil and concentrate on broader societal concerns.


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