Railways plan to reduce consumption of 200k liters of diesel


Indian railways intend to use 200 thousand fewer liters of fuel.

The Indian Railways is taking significant steps to enhance its sustainability by electrifying all pit lines within its network, leading to an anticipated daily reduction of around 200,000 liters of diesel consumption.

The railroads have embarked on a plan to replace conventional fossil fuels with grid-based electrification for all 411 maintenance pits. This transformation is scheduled to be accomplished by December 2023. Notably, the electrification of 302 pits has already been successfully carried out.

In the past, due to the absence of electric lines at pit locations, coaches necessitated the use of diesel generators to remain operational while addressing electrical issues.

In a bid to curtail diesel usage, the Indian Railways has authorized the implementation of a 750 V power supply via grids across all Linke-Hofmann-Busch (LHB) maintenance pits. This strategic move aims to significantly decrease the reliance on diesel-based energy sources.

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